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Thread: fighting robot

  1. fighting robot

    About three years ago we have decided to construct battle robot, as a result we have our "firstborn". Operator can see through its eyes. Full presence effect. The camera placed right above cannon barrel. Operators glasses equipped with gyroscopes. I can control cannon aiming (up-down movement) and how robot moves (turns to the left and to the right) with light moves of my head. Other controls
    are accelerator and break pedals and fire button.

    Rate of fire is about 600 shots per minute. Ammunition - 4000 plastic balls. Fully charged battery provides about 8 hours of robot movement. The main goal of the project was opening of "Fighting Robots Club".
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    Re: fighting robot

    That looks like a lot of great fun.. good work.

    I like the huge arena and your control method is very nicely done.

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    Re: fighting robot

    That is really cool. Goo job on using the glasses to control the bot

  4. Re: fighting robot

    Thank you for a praise.
    The club was opened for everyone because we have had an aim to create a proving ground where people can break a robot.

    The goal is to make robot indestructible.
    Surprisingly people of different ages like the game. Game process is so attractive that can completely capture you: a couple minutes of playing is enough to lose contact with real world

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    Lightbulb Some images

    Hi, people!
    There is a couple of photos related to "Fighting Robots Club"

    1) a plan of "Fighting Robots Club" (the room has area of 360 square meters)

    2) planetar gear motor used in motor-wheels of our robots. Each bot has 4 of these motor-wheels

  6. Re: fighting robot

    Cool. Do you have a website? How did you construct your vehicles? It would be interesting to see how your cars were designed along with the led-laser light pointers and guns on top.

    I like it.
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  7. Re: fighting robot

    Well, most of work is still in progress, but now I have a few new images to show.
    First two pictures below shows our robots "from inside" . The other two are short presentation of our club.

    1. Mounting a planetar gear motor.

    2. Controller, which we designed, responsible for movement and fire control. It also controls bullets feeder. The hull is also our design. First modelled in 3D software it became real . We are using a laser cutting system to produce parts of hull from polycarbonate and ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene).

    3. Repair workshop.

    4. The game is in progress (operators seats view).

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    Re: fighting robot

    That arena is damn impressive.

    Is there someone or some business that funds all of this?

    And are all the vehicles the same?

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    Re: fighting robot

    And can we bring ours and fight yours?

    What battery is used? Looks like 12 cells in that pic above... 8 hours is crazy battery life, too!.
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  10. Re: fighting robot

    [quote=scowby;48549]How did you construct your vehicles? It would be interesting to see how your cars were designed along with the led-laser light pointers and guns on top.

    individual parts on the photo above. The weapon is gearbox 7.

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