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Thread: Xbee WiFi

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    Xbee WiFi

    Check this out:

    Matt, Andrew - hopefully you guys are going to get these in, I usually wait until you stock items before I bother buying them anywhere else.

    Chuck Durham

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    Re: Xbee WiFi

    If nothing else, it would be interesting for someone to have one of these at next year's mech warfare to see how they do in that environment. (As a testing configuration, not necessarily for a competition configuration.

    I could be wrong, but I think the xbees that Trossen sells currently are not exactly zigbee*, while the series 2 xbees (S2 ZB) do use actual zigbee protocol. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't end up selling these new ones. (e.g. is there a particular need other than convenience of just 1 xbee module being needed?)

    *(This is inferred from comparing these two PDFs [1][2], as well as the difference in how my S2 ZB xbees are set up, compared to those in the xbee tutorial here)

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    Re: Xbee WiFi

    Just my opinion, but if I could get good video through Xbees, I would run like a scalded dog away from Wifi. Just to get away from all the cell phones, and other misc. signals that have been giving us fits.

    I may be wrong, but who knows.
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