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Thread: Sensor for localization

  1. Sensor for localization


    Can anyone tell me the best sensors I can use to mount on a you bot (omnidirectional drive) for localization?


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    Re: Sensor for localization

    Wow this is a big topic!

    There are tons of posts all over trossen about localization as well as a great set of tutorials. The most common sensor I see is a simple webcam in conjunction with a vision processing program like Roborealm.

    Unfortunately the tutorials sections seems to be currently under development and unreachable but check it out once it is open and you will find loads of information.

    Also check out the north star navigation system for a more commercial solution.

    Localization is a complex and widely discussed subject simply type it into the trossen search bar and you will get loads of information.


    I should add that there are much simpler ways to do localization depending on what you want. For example you can use IR beacons with an IR sensor or large colored shapes in combination with a CMU cam to achieve simple localization in a more controlled environment.
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  3. Re: Sensor for localization

    Hi Robotman,

    Very much thanks for your reply

    Ravi Kumar Venkat

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