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Thread: Chicago iHobby Chibotica Event 10-22-11

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    Cool Chicago iHobby Chibotica Event 10-22-11

    Chibots will be holding it's yearly Chibotica event at the iHobby on Saturday/Sunday October 22/23, 2011. We are still looking for competitors to participate in the events below. Please write me if you are interested in competing in one of the events or would just like to come out and show off your robot or robotic device (whether it is working or not). We still have some space available if you have a large display that you would like to bring.

    To enter or if you would like additional information write me at

    The events and times are:

    Saturday - Oct 22
    12:30 - Basic Line Following
    2:00 - Advanced Line Following
    3:30 - Line Maze
    Robot Talent Show

    Sun - Oct 23
    12:30 - Mini Sumo
    2:00 - Racing Line Following
    3:30 - Humanoid Kunt-Fu

    Additional information is online at
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    Hi all, we had to make a few changes to the above schedule:

    Saturday Oct. 22:

    11:00 MiniSumo
    12:00 Talent Show
    12:30 Basic Line Following Part 1
    1:00 Reserved for MW event
    1:30 PM Humanoid Kung Fu
    2:30 Racing Line following Part 1
    3:00 Advanced Line Following Part 1
    3:30 Reserved for MW event
    4:00 Line Maze Part 1

    Sunday Oct. 23:

    11:00 Basic Line Following Part 2
    12:00 Reserved for MW event
    12:30 Racing Line Following Part 2
    1:00 Advanced Line Following Part 2
    1:30 Line Maze Part 2
    2:00 Reserved for MW event
    2:30 Award of prizes

    Changes are still possible. Note that we divided the contests into 2 days to make it more flexible for people who can't be there both days. This is one contest spread out across these two days. Any robot can pick to compete on either day, but not on both.

    Registration is open and ready! Enter your bot. We all hope to see you there.

    Mini Sumo

    Basic Line Following

    Advanced Line Following

    Line Maze

    Racing Line Following

    Robot Talent Show

    Humanoid Kung-Fu

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