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Thread: Modding battery wire?

  1. Modding battery wire?

    I have a 6v 2300mAh NIMH battery with a crappy small wire attached to it (maybe can handle 2 amps)
    My robot legs' max amp draw would be 8 amps @ 5v (about 30 min runtime)
    However since the battery wire is so small it can't deliver the 8 amps.
    Is it safe for me to cut it open and switch in a beefier wire?

    How do you guys deal with the amps your robot consumes?

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    Re: Modding battery wire?

    Do you know the gauge of the wire that came with the battery? Unless you feel the wire overheating you might not need to switch it out, but if it dose overheat you could open up the battery and replace all crappy wire as long as your comfortable doing it. There shouldn't be any issues as long as you do it right
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  3. Re: Modding battery wire?

    While this is doable, you have to be careful not to damage the cells. If they get too hot during soldering they are very easy to damage. If the battery has tabs, soldering to those greatly alleviates this =)

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