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Thread: How to modify Bioloid program with adding 3rd party software?

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    I am doing my school project using Bioloid Humanoid from Bioloid comprehensive kit. It is about 3 years old and my school loaned it to me to use in the project. The software version wrote on the CD is Eng 1.10. I assembled it correctly and it is walking fine using demo program. But what my supervisor want is to use some third party software to added in and improve the generating of motion. What he said was

    "What I hope you can achieve is to use commercial software like excel, matlab, etc, to generate the input data which can be automatically or manually entered through Bioloid program. We just want to automate or semi-automate the process to create motion in Bioloid program. This will hopefully improve the productivity in generating motion for the robot."

    I am a very naive guy when come to programming as I only have very basic knowledge about C++ programming. Can any of you help me by explaining where to look for and how to start? Welcome all of your suggestions and thank you for the help in advance.

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    Re: How to modify Bioloid program with adding 3rd party software?

    First, get the latest version of Roboplus from the Robotis site. You will find it much better than the old software. Also you will likely get more support and interest here on the forum if you use Roboplus.

    My suggestion would be to work with .mtn files. If you can create programs or libraries to convert to and from different more readable formats (Excel, XML), then you should have an easy way to create and edit the .mtn files. You could download filse direct to the CM5 from your own software, but this may add too much complexity.

    The Bioloidcontrol project is a good starting point.

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    Re: How to modify Bioloid program with adding 3rd party software?

    I very strongly second the recommendation to upgrade to RoboPlus.

    Although there is no documentation from Robotis on the file format of the .mtn files, they are fairly simple text files. Just reading through one with a text editor and comparing it to the settings within RoboPlus Motion should give you a very good idea of how it works. The only real caveat is that there is a checksum placed in the last one or two bytes of the file, and I cannot remember how it is formed. There should be a thread somewhere either on the trossen forums or on the robosavvy forums that documents the checksum algorithm (should be able to find it with a search for "Bioloid checksum" or similar). There may also be a checksum at the end of each motion pose/line, or that may just be formed only when RoboPlus downloads the data to the CM-5/510/700.

    After figuring out the checksum and basic file format, it would be as simple as reading in a file (plain XML would work, but unless you have an XML parser then it would be easier to use any sort of delimited file format like 'comma separated values' or 'tab delimited') and writing out the motion file. I also recommend here for a decent C/C++ tutorial and reference without the annoying popup ads.
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  4. Re: How to modify Bioloid program with adding 3rd party software?

    Thank you to both of you. I will try to upgrade to Roboplus and try as you suggest.

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