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    PC based robot


    Found this nice forum when browsing for information. Anyway, I'm planning to build a PC based robot with a mini ITX board, but I'm stuck on a few questions.

    What's the average power consumption of a mini ITX board? I could not find it anywhere in the manufacturer's specifications. Let's say my processor uses max 35W. Will a 80W picoPSU be able to power the system if there won't be anything else other than CPU, HDD and a fan connected to my motherboard?

    Also, since picoPSU's input is unregulated, is it safe to plug it directly to a LiPo battery (the motherboard will get 11.1 to 12.6 V).


  2. Re: PC based robot

    Which ITX boards are you looking at ? Any particular software that needs an Intel CPU underneath ?

    If not, and you are concerned about power usage, i'd actually recommend looking at ARM based solutions, like OMAP with BeagleBoard or the more powerful dual-core Cortex-A9

    If you are running Linux on it anyway, it should not make much difference from software perspective.

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