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Thread: Some XV-11 notes

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetdillo View Post
    ...the top hits are still some of your older pages, ...
    Not mine, Hash's. He made a looot more stuf about the LIDAR than I did

    I am really disappointed that the XV-11 only found its way in very few robots. It has so much potential! The kinect got to be used by everyone and their dogs, while I can probably count the robots with a Piccolo Lidar on the fingers of my hands :/
    I guess what it needs is more publicity ^^
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    Re: Some XV-11 notes

    If one could buy the LIDAR as a spare part, I would buy one in a heartbeat. Though, as it stands, $400 is still just a bit too much for me to spend on a nice and very inexpensive LIDAR unit attached to a robot that I will likely never use.
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    Re: Some XV-11 notes

    Speaking of updating material I got one that should help out quite a bit! The new 2.6 firmware removed the " help" hidden help command that listed all the extra menu items. You can get back all the menu items and the " help" command if you simply press and hold the orange Start button and the Back button (curly arrow) at the same time for ~4 seconds.

    If you want to read more about it check out my blog post with data dumps from the on-board 4 pin UART showing the different boot mode.


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    Why don't you look on Ebay? I bought three slightly used for less than $200.

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