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Thread: USB2AX v3.0a feedback

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    Re: USB2AX v3.0a feedback

    Thanks tician!

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    Re: USB2AX v3.0a feedback

    Quote Originally Posted by KevinO View Post
    Are these still for sale? I'm using the usb2dynamixel but this would be a dream to use instead due to it's size.
    Is it the same as the ones at seeedstudio?


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    Re: USB2AX v3.0a feedback

    Quote Originally Posted by KurtEck View Post
    Is it the same as the ones at seeedstudio?

    Pretty sure that it is, just with the new OpenHardware logo silkscreen (and likely professionally manufactured) instead of the wavy deal (and hand-assembled by xevel). The link at the seeedstudio shop goes to xevel's USB2AX dev site and it lists him as the designer.
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  4. Re: USB2AX v3.0a feedback

    Yes it is. I have to apologize for the way this has been developping during these last month. The first batch has been finished around the beginning of the year, but I was very busy with two trips to India and a whole lot of life changes, so much that I set aside the USB2AX for around two months...
    The quality of the boards assembled by Seeed (or more precisely by their contractors) is completely satisfactory, even the shrink wrap is perfectly as I wanted it I have tested a few and it's exactly as expected.

    The USB2AX sold on Seeedstudio is indeed mine, I did not do any advertisement about it on purpose: the documentation is not online, and I did not want to deal with lousy support- no time to do it properly...
    Just for your information: each unit producted is tested before being considered valid. I paid for 200 units, they made 205, had 12 ones not passing the tests the first time, and only two could not be fixed - according to the test report.

    Things are looking better though, but I'm not doing any more promises on dates, for I have disappointed everyone who might have taken my previous ones seriously.
    For those interested, they might be sold on the Trossen Robotics store soon.
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    Re: USB2AX v3.0a feedback

    Got my USB2AX working with Windows 8 (my shiny new Surface Pro) as well. In this case, it complains about using an unsigned driver (same file as I mentioned on previous page). The solution to this is to google the error message; there are lots of guides/vids for getting around this issue. It's not hard to do, but worth noting in user-guides.

  6. Re: USB2AX v3.0a feedback

    Ok, thanks! I'll make sure to put it somewhere for all to see
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    Re: USB2AX v3.0a feedback

    Great! I will buy one! And any shop around Europe?

  8. Re: USB2AX v3.0a feedback

    No shop in Europe right now but it might change soon, next week will be determinant in that regard.
    In the meantime I can sell you some myself (I'm in France), the ones I have here are from the same batch so it won't be a prototype
    Send me a MP if you are in a hurry.
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    Re: USB2AX v3.0a feedback

    Ok, thanks

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    Re: USB2AX v3.0a feedback

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20130321_150227761538286.jpg 
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ID:	4592Click image for larger version. 

Name:	USB2AXoverUSB2Dynamixel.jpg 
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    I just received it. It's really tiny! I (will upload) have uploaded a new photo next to a USB2Dynamixel from Robotis.

    And it's faster, some first tests:
    (querying 16 AX-12)
    Poll test, conn USB, duration 00:00:00.2500000 COM3 USB2Dynamixel

    Poll test, conn USB, duration 00:00:00.0625000 COM7 USB2AX

    You should remember that in Linux it appears as ttyACM0, not TTyUSB0 as USB2Dynnamixel.

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