I have to assume anyone on this list that saw Real Steel had a bunch of the same ideas I had.How cool would that be as a robot competition.

I started jotting down some ideas in a blog here: http://buildsmartrobots.ning.com/pro...e-it-a-reality

I was thinking the robot would be tethered and powered by a power supply in the ring.
This would simplify the mechanics of the robot (you would not have to lug around a heavy battery).
The robot would be remote controlled, but a "gamepad" would not be allowed. In fact, the human
"fighters" would wear boxing gloves (actually the training gloves). All robot motion must be controlled by either
a mechanical "suit" like in Robo-One, or a Kinect type setup.

Like in Mech Warfare, the human "fighters" will NOT be able to see the ring directly, they will have to
control the robots completely using a POV camera in the robots head.

Scoring would also steal an idea from mech warfare, the scoring pad. In addition to the pad, a 3-axis accelerometer
would provide data on the strength of the hit.

The ring will control the voltage of the power supply. As a robot takes hard hits, in pads located on its chest, the power supply voltage will be decreased.
Also, as a robot throws punches the voltage is decreased. These power supply changes are in small decrements, but they can add up.
The voltage will increase with respect to time (integral function) when the robot is not throwing a punch or getting punched.
This is to simulate a fighter getting tired. It also adds a whole new level of strategy to the game.

Interestingly enough, if this is anything like playing boxing on the wii, the human "fighters" will also get tired, and that will also factor into the
overall competition.

This idea is still in the brainstorming phase, if you have addition ideas or comments, it would be great if you could post them on BSR
( http://buildsmartrobots.ning.com/pro...e-it-a-reality) as well as here. I am going to post this same
thread all over the web, so by posting on BSR everyone can see all the input.


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