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Thread: AluHex: 4DOF Hexapod on a Budget

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    Re: AluHex: 4DOF Hexapod on a Budget

    I made the board but it doesn't look quite how I hoped. I'm sure with a proper silkscreeened double sided board and surface mount components it would look pretty cool but I can't shake the feeling I'm just showing off the part of my hexapod I am the least proud of...

    Anyways, for better or for worse the board has a few mistakes so I will have to redo it. I'll try to make it smaller and look nicer.

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    Re: AluHex: 4DOF Hexapod on a Budget

    See if the board you made will do what you want it to. Fix the issues with jumpers.
    Your going say to yourself man I wish I added this will I was making the board. So your probably going to make it over more than once
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    Re: AluHex: 4DOF Hexapod on a Budget

    I messed up and used npn instead of pnp for some of the transistors in the original board. Luckily since I am etching the boards myself and it connects via header pins it is very easy to swap them out. I've done this on the breadboard quite a few times so hopefully it has everything I need.

    I was originally doing toner transfer from my laser printer and had been having a little trouble. On a whim I tried photocopying the design on a very old photocopier and the toner worked way, way better. I was able to halve trace width/spacing and got a much cleaner board:

    I like it way better than the old board.

    Now I just need to shorten some wires and cut the plate it will be mounted on. Everything looks good on the bench.

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    Re: AluHex: 4DOF Hexapod on a Budget

    Finally all that remains is to mount the board nicely:

    I laser cut a disk and the board was attached with double sided tape. Then I just had to shorten some wires and put in the connectors.

    A bit messy but overall I'm pleased with how things turned out.

    I'll throw on 175$ for all the random stuff I ended up using (Wires, PCB, Connectors, hardware... that stuff adds up fast...) taking the total build to aproximately 500$.

    If/When I do this again I will focus a lot more on weight and use stronger servos. HK has a line of high torque servos with metal gearing that has the same form factor but twice the power of the servos I am currently using. They cost about 10$ a piece.

    This essentially marks the end of my build. Everything has been tested and all the features work - all that remains is code. I'm burning out a bit and I will be returning to school in January which means I have only a month and a half to finish the mechanical portion of my projects (otherwise I'll be stuck with a file and hand drill).

    If I get some spare time I'll try to get it walking and do the rest of the code after christmas. I'll try to grab some better photos as well.

    It might have looked like I knew what I was doing in the build log but I assure you that it was not the case. I have a fair pile of scrapped pieces and even more that were thrown into the trash or destroyed in disgust.

    In the end I learned a lot and it was all worthwhile though.

    My next project will involve four of these and a nice stash of carbon fiber:

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    Re: AluHex: 4DOF Hexapod on a Budget

    You have entirely too many fun tools and toys.. Good work.

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    Re: AluHex: 4DOF Hexapod on a Budget

    That looks like the rear blades off my Xcopter 450

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    Re: AluHex: 4DOF Hexapod on a Budget

    Hexapod Pictures: Winter Edition!

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