Not sure if this should be a contest entry or not... Anyways, here's a few things I've been working on.

An open source hexapod that I also put on Instructables:

A line-follower I'm upgrading tomorrow to a maze-solver:

A Stewart/Gough platform:

Here's an open source Delta3 and an older model of the stewart platform:

Here's some more pictures of the line follower & the Stewart platform

Sorry if some of the videos are long. I don't have decent video editing software.

I can't show you some of the other stuff because I'm working on my first patent.

If there was one robot kit I wish I could have it would be 12 pistons and the associated valving, tubes, reservoir, pump, etc. so I can build a 3x larger version of my crab. 3D printed frame, put a kinect bar and an mini avr on there, IK for the motion control... it would be awesome. is still too expensive for hobbyists and doesn't integrate nicely with Arduino. Think about it, Trossen.

I'm a recluse trying to make a career out of designing and building robots, electronics, etc. Basically a full time hacker. In a perfect world I'd have a sponsor/patron of some kind so I could just keep on making forever.

Thanks for reading!