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Thread: my ssc-32 board not working ?

  1. my ssc-32 board not working ?

    hi! my friends i have a problem.
    My board had short circuit .
    while working some nuts under the board i didnt see and got short circuit .
    i connect my battery vl and vs1 and vs2 had jumper . red and green leds are high now
    and i connect to usb tx rx high and low again high and low
    i open lynx ssc32 terminal and i select port for board and i click connect and i connect my servo
    to the pin 0 and change direction . whie changing pulse rx led high low repeat. but servos not change same position .
    i got my voltage multimeter and measure voltages vl = 7.4 volt but servos voltage 0 v the voltage not came to the board what is the problem :/ i buy last week but maybe burn it . it is so bad for me
    please help me ?

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    Re: my ssc-32 board not working ?

    Can you take some high quality picture of the board, particularly where you have shorted your board? I may be able to help you if you did, however, from your description, it might've caused some damage during the short. Don't worry, it's not the end of the world, I've burned up tons of boards, just ask my boss! :P
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    Re: my ssc-32 board not working ?

    If I understand properly, you say that serial data is being sent from PC and the LED is blinking, saying that it is receiving data... If so it sounds like the processor is working and the like. Next thing I would check is your baud rate on the PC matches the baud rate jumpers on the board. The board will still blink even if it is receiving jiberish...

    You say you have 7.4V? Did you measure that at the power terminal that it came into? You say you have the two jumpers VS=VL and VL1=VL2 installed. Double check the voltages at the other two power terminals. Do you get the 7.4 there? If not double check your jumpers. Also double check with your servo removed. Maybe servo went bad and has internal short... If you have power at the terminals but not at the Servo pin you tried, I would also measure the voltage at the other 4 pin groups to see if none have it, or only one side has it... Try to localize it down. If one of the power terminals does not have voltage, I would try to jumper from one that does, to one that does not... But before I did this, I would also check the resistence from power to ground to verify I don't have a dead short...

    Good Luck

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