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Thread: AX-12 Arduino controll

  1. AX-12 Arduino controll

    Hello everyone!

    I am a student In Science Olympiad and we am working on a robotic arm and we ran into an issue.

    We are trying to to control an AX-12 servo with an Arduino but strangely It does not work. We installed the Bioloid library form
    and used the example code from
    But strangely it seems that ax12.h Is corrupted or is the wrong one.

    Thank you all for trying to help, it seems so easy but unfortunately that is not the case for me.

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    Re: AX-12 Arduino controll

    If you have a regular old Arduino, this won't work -- as it has only one serial port, and the library is trying to access the second serial port). You'll have to modify the BioloidController library to use Serial0


  3. Re: AX-12 Arduino controll

    Thank you very much. That is unfortunate for our team but now we can get to work in another way.

    Thank you

  4. Re: AX-12 Arduino controll

    The man in this video is doing it. Is there a possibility?

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    Re: AX-12 Arduino controll

    Quote Originally Posted by Pyrotechnic-Robot View Post
    The man in this video is doing it. Is there a possibility?
    Yes. See my response above -- if you're using anything but a mega644, you have to modify the library. I never said it was impossible, I just said it won't work out of the box without modifying some code.


  6. Re: AX-12 Arduino controll

    I have been searching around and working on modifying the library but it is not working.

    I am sorry, but would you help me on this or sear me in the right direction?

    We designed all the hardware in auto cad and all the machining should be done soon.

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    Re: AX-12 Arduino controll

    If you want help, you need to properly describe your setup, and the problems you have. This will also help you analyse where you are going wrong.
    You at least need to describe which Arduino you are using. If you are using one with a single serial port, this will severely limit your function capability and your productivity in development. A move to Arbotix would be sensible even if some small mechanical rework is required which is likely less than the software rework time. If not an Arbotix, then at least an Arduino with multiple serial ports.
    If not Arbotix, you need to describe the interface circuit you use to connect the Arduino to the AX12 Dynamixels. How do you jumper RXD0 and RXD0 together ?

    Does the sketch compile, or just now work after download ?

  8. Re: AX-12 Arduino controll

    Thank you very much.

    From the start the sketch does not compile which is why I am leading towards an issue with the library. I am using an Arduino Duemilanove with an ATMEGA 328P-PU. The current issue is with the code.

    The choice to use the AX-12 was because of their accuracy and strength along with their convenient mounting system. It is completely fine to forgo the communication back to the Arduino from the servo.

    What we are trying to accomplish is like the robots used for surgery. There is one arm that has potentiometers in it and then another arm that has the servos in it. The servo matches its sequential potentiometer.

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    Re: AX-12 Arduino controll

    I put a modified library here:
    It cleans out the Arbotix part to make it easier for you to understand, rather than adding a new board type.

    In this example I read position from AX12 ID=6 and set the AX12 Id=1

    The AX12 data line must be connected to both the TX and RX pins together. This will prevent code being uploaded, so the link needs to be plugable or switched. The FTDI chip is still connected to the bus, but does not appear to give any problems due to the series resistors. Alternatively you could strip out the read part if you don't want it, and not require the link.

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