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Thread: Starship Groove project

  1. Starship Groove project

    The Starship Groove Project is a concept that these
    animated robots can be made in real life human scale.
    As things and people are being reproduced in CGI then
    you must be able to do the same in realty

    Starship Groove Project Video

    Thanks Tom
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  2. Re: Starship Groove project

    That is tres cool. I'd love to see it IRL! I don't know if you'll be able to make it look exactly like those given the currently available servos but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try!

  3. Re: Starship Groove project

    I dont think I will make it look just like those the base that I have already build looks like it will work out I'm looking to be about 4' tall
    maybe about 275 lbs And I was thinking about stepper motors nema 17s 6 of them for each arm the body will move rc but the arms will be
    programed with onboard computer ya?


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