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Thread: Leg Servos Pushing Together

  1. Leg Servos Pushing Together

    I just built my Bioloid premium kit and I'm having an issue. I started it up for the first time and the startup pose had the feet pushing sideways into each other due to servos near the torso that control the legs' sideways movement tilting towards each other. It can stand this way but if it tries to walk the foot plates hit each other and it trips and falls. I've used motion offset in Roboplus but it seems that it doesn't do anything regardless of how much I try to tweak it. If somebody knows how I can fix this problem please respond.

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    Re: Leg Servos Pushing Together

    Check your assembly to make sure you put it together exactly how the directions said to. Putting the wrong servo number in a different spot, or switching a bracket around might throw off the whole motion. I think I did that once just putting it together how I thought it was, and the legs ended up doing something crazy. I checked back, and reassembled it to find it was a silly mistake where I had one part backwards.

    So check that out and reload the motion file again and give that a try.

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    Re: Leg Servos Pushing Together

    There is a joint offset value controllable in the RobotPlus Task code to dynamically adjust the offset (dynamic balancing with fixed motions) and there is a joint offset table in RoboPlus Motion which controls the static offset to adjust for permanent misalignment of the potentiometers (adjusts static offsets so the initial pose matches the pictures in the manual, otherwise all motions will be off-balance). There are also three different Premium Humanoid configurations (Type-A, Type-B, and Type-C), so be sure to use the correct files for your build.
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    Re: Leg Servos Pushing Together

    This sounds like it was incorrectly assembled. I get this issue a lot via support, and 99.9% of the time, it's due to an incorrectly assembled robot.

    You don't want to use joint offsets to correct something this far off. As tician said, this is for adjustment though, not to fix an incorrectly built robot.

    If you build the robot correctly, it will look exactly like the 'default pose' does in the manual. Offset adjustment should be for fine tuning only.

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