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Thread: ArbotiX and Arduino ADK compatibility

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    ArbotiX and Arduino ADK compatibility

    Greetings everyone!

    I have the PhantomX kit with the ArbotiX robocontroller and was wondering if it would be compatible with the Arduino ADK for communicating with an Android phone (Droid X to be specific)? I have seen many examples of this working with other controllers, but nothing with the ArbotiX. I am fairly new to robotics so I am not sure what the big differences would be between the ArbotiX and something like an Arduino Mega that would determine incompatibility with this shield. Also, if anyone can suggest another way for the robocontroller and Android phone to communicate that would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: ArbotiX and Arduino ADK compatibility

    The Android ADK requires the Arduino board to act as USB host. You should be able to interface a USB Host Shield to the ArbotiX, it might just require some small software mods.


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