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Thread: OOPic version 6 compiler anyone?

  1. Question OOPic version 6 compiler anyone?

    I'm currently trying to get back into my old time robotics hobby which has taken a back seat for a few years.
    I fished my old OOPic from the bottom of the drawer and set up to fire it up. Alas, it appears the company has since disappeared and though I still have the installer for the version 5 compiler on a CD I'm interested in using the 6.1.2 version which was the last to be released as far as I know, and have the event problem that plagued the earlier version 6 sub-versions fixed.
    So here's the question of the day: Does anyone happen to have the said compiler somewhere (Dating to 08/08) and willing to help me out?

    P.S. I have tried the obvious attempts to contact Scott over the new BrainMonkey platform, let's just say that post-sale customer relations is not his strong suit.

  2. Re: OOPic version 6 compiler anyone?

    Well, as unpopular as this controller is these days, I did manage to find (Actually recieve from a member of a users group outside TR) the said compiler, should anyone want it in the future.

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    pondersome Guest

    Re: OOPic version 6 compiler anyone?

    Yes please. I just dug my oopic robot out of mothballs and would love to get it going again.

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