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    Dear all,

    I am developing a robot. Please do leave a comment in the interested section if you want this project to happen.

    Best Unclebob

    Wahoo the first $150 biped robot control via smartphone in the whole

    The idea of this project is to build biped robots (i.e.robot that has two feet) at a very affordable price.
    Most people like robots but they are price somewhere between $800-$2000. Hobbist robotics are therefore not widespread in most of countries due to the high price tag.
    By offering robots at $150 and with the sex appeal of smartphones I am hoping this will create a new robot market that does not exist.

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    The servo fits nicely inside the chassis after added an extra 2mm into the drawing. The white stuff is the 3D printed raft which are meant to be removed. This shows I can prototype the rest of the Wahoo robot using a 3D printer.

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    Find out how is Wahoo doing with his new 3D printed feet, chassis and bluetooth module?

    Progress achieved in the last several days :
    1. Enable bluetooth module
    2. Written code to calibrate walking gait via bluetooth
    3. Printed the feet out of PLA
    4. Redevelop walking gait for the new feet and can also walk left and right.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wahoo running and kicking hard !!!

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    I was introducing my robots to hackerspace hong kong.

    Someone was kind enough to blog about it.

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