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    suggesting answers

    I am a noob here , robotics is not my field of study, but I had a question that I wanted to ask.
    I want a mechanism for rotating an arm about a ball and socket joint, but only with 2 DOF. and both of the motors are rotating and very heavy, so they need to be attached to main frame, and stay with no move, what I am seeking is a mechanism like Agile eye, I liked that but I want to know about all possible solutions.
    + I don`t want reciprocating actuators, and I try to evade any mechanism that has any sliding component too, so make would be easier.
    Please mention all the mechanisms that you think would work.

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    Re: suggesting answers

    You are looking for basic pan and tilt?

    Like this but heaver?

    Or something like a differential like this robots "eye"?

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