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Thread: Premium Bioloid Kit with AX-S1

  1. Premium Bioloid Kit with AX-S1

    I purchased the Bioloid Premium kit, which came with a receiver for the controller which works perfectly.
    I decided i wanted a bit more sensors so i opted and purchased the AX-S1, and built the head exactly like the Bioloid comprehensive, head doesnt fit, but chest cover does.

    I see the AX-S1 has what looks to be a receiver, and i'm wondering if i can use it as the receiver instead of the one that came with the Premium set, but it the AX-S1 connects to a AX socket on CM-510. Is the AX-S1 useable as a receiver or am i stuck with the receiver that came with the premium build?.

    I have just begun but man this guy is fun next pressure sensors and such once i can figure out how to use the current ones :P
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    Re: Premium Bioloid Kit with AX-S1

    The AX-S1 should be able to retrieve a 16-bit data value from the RC-100 in IR mode. It will not be accessed by the CM-510 through its on-board "Remocon Arrived"/"Remocon RXD" option (as the IR/ZigBee module connection to the UART), but there should be an option under "Dynamixel devices"->"AX-S1"->"IR COM Arrived"/"IR COM RXD". Replace the "Remocon Arrived" and "Remocon RXD" from the CM-510's IR/ZIG option with the AX-S1's "IR COM Arrived" and "IR COM RXD" respectively, and you should be fine.

    For further details, see: "New Remote Data Arrival" and "Received Remote Data" for the AX-S1.
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