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    Hi guys,and gals my handle is Mongo (long story ) I live in New Zealand and to my knowledge no one is doing Mech warfare down here i hope to find someone else to "play" with. I also hope to borrow heavily upon your generosity and knowledge on how build up a couple of these neat smallish bots I have seen in the vids ... so anything you guys would like to impart in the way of wisdom and experience would be greatly appreciated. cheers Mongo.

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    Hurrah for another ANZAC!
    Sorry Mongo, I'm still a bit far away to come & play - At the top of the Western Island, but I hope to visit the land of the long white sheep again soonish. Maybe visiting what's left of C-church right at the end of this year.
    I won't have room for a robot in my luggage tho' & besides, I could get it there but our customs guys are a bit more, um, err, restrictive? so I might not get it back in again.

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    hey I think our customs guys will be just as ... pedantic but cool to here from you I'm based in wellington I don't have much electronics experience but I play paintball and airsoft so weapons should work well for me... but I would really love any feedback and advice. Cheers Slugman.

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    Um, yeah. Paintball & airsoft - Just two of the many things you get to play with, that I can't legally import or buy.........
    Just read through the forums. All of the info is there, & the Trossen shop delivers faster & easier than most companies in Aus. I haven't bothered to make my bot warfare-capable due to the lack of anything like that down here, so the scoring panels etc are no good for me. All the info here is great for making a decently capable bot though, no matter what you are trying to do.

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    well how about the tamiya tanks with airsoft guns can you get those? or I understand that the mini airsoft guns can be used in a pinch...anyone else out there that knows better than me can fill us both in on the gospil cheers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slugman View Post
    Um, yeah. Paintball & airsoft - Just two of the many things you get to play with, that I can't legally import or buy.........
    Depends on what state you're in. Paintball markers are legal to possess (at least here in NSW, but ditto for other states from memory), just need a firearms license for it. Airsoft is also legal in SA (or was it Vic?), but it has to be under 180 fps, so it's pretty tame compared to the stuff in the States.

    I will say though that modified Nerf guns can pack quite a punch (not kidding). Swap out for a good spring, add a bit more weight to the dart head, reinforce everything, and hitting 100 feet isn't that hard to do. That's my plan for arming the hexapod I'm building. It'll be big, but will be really fun to use.
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    well access to the weapon side of things should not be too much of an issue can probably locate most of what I need In kiwiland, but the turret and mech chassie..., mabe a different story, I'm looking for a resonably priced place to start...I like the hexapods but they are not exactly cheap, I am just starting to research this sport and am starting to find the web sites etc...but at this stage I donot know junk from gold or what I actually need, any build up advice threads anyone can point me to? that would help alot.cheers Mongo

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    I see that tanks are now allowed to compete are there any rules etc out there or design hints? this I can afford

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