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Thread: Dynamixel backlash

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    Dynamixel backlash

    Does anyone know which dynamixels have the least backlash?

    I'm considering upgrading axis 1 of a manipulator, it's currently an AX-18F which doesn't have quite enough torque. I have an EX-106 I could use, but it has some pretty hardcore backlash. I really need the positioning to be accurate (0.3º resolution is OK, but something like 0.1º would be better). The arm has both TTL and 485 buses running to it so it can use either bus.

    Do the RX-64's have just as much backlash as the EX-106's? The new MX-28's look promising with a resolution of 0.088º. If these have very little backlash this would be perfect...

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    Re: Dynamixel backlash

    I hope my post above hasn't scared anyone off from buying high-end Dynamixels. Overall, these servos are decent.
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    Re: Dynamixel backlash

    I'm unsure which of the Dynamixels has got the least backlash, but would it be possible to get a weak torsion spring and lightly pre-load the joint?

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    Re: Dynamixel backlash

    Did you adjust the settings on the servo at all? You may be able to reduce 'backlash' by changing the settings.

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