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Thread: My Octopod Scorpion project

  1. My Octopod Scorpion project

    Hey there! Nice to meet everyone! I'm a newb to these forums.

    I'm building an octopod scorpion based on Bioloid servos and brackets, plus a load of other electrical parts including an additional Arduino Mega controller and a Spektrum DX7s aircraft remote (hacked to provide 12 over the air channels). I'm doing the IK engine from scratch. If anyone's interested in any details or building something similar I'd love to chat.

    There's an embryonic blog at

    This photo shows the 'chassis' design without the extra electronics

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    Re: My Octopod Scorpion project

    Dude. AWESOME!

    I cannot wait to see more of this, great blog btw!

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    Re: My Octopod Scorpion project

    Got a link to where one might buy those rubber feet?


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    Re: My Octopod Scorpion project

    Very neat! What kind of a payload are you looking at for it?

  5. Re: My Octopod Scorpion project

    @Fergs - I bought the feet from:
    (part number MCB30X36)
    Outside of Europe there must be other suppliers - do a Google image search for 'conical vibration mount' or similar.
    They are good for a 3 DoF (per leg) bot because they can make contact with the floor at almost any angle.

  6. Re: My Octopod Scorpion project

    Thanks Tyberius and Th232.
    Payload: I'm going to start with proximity sensor and a CH Robotics attitude and guidance module. It'll also have to lug a 4000-5000mAh Li-On battery around on its underside.
    Once that's all going I'm interested in more intelligence/autonomy and possibly a video link. There's lots to do first, though. I'm aiming for really smooth translation and rotation in all directions.

  7. First video of Scorpion Walking

    I have posted a video at:

    It's walking pretty fast now for a Bioloid 'bot.

  8. Re: My Octopod Scorpion project

    Ohhh nicely done, i love how it creeps me out

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    Re: My Octopod Scorpion project

    I saw your video on youtube, freaking wicked! One of the nicer non-biped Bioloids I've ever seen... I just love Robotis' servos for the one fact that you don't have this wire management nightmare in the end... Would love to see more videos of it...
    Sleep? You don't need sleep...


  10. Re: My Octopod Scorpion project

    Thank you! I will do some more videos when I get time showing some of the other moves it can do and the autonomous mode using sensors.

    I agree that the Robotis servos are tidy. I wish their strength to weight ratio was higher though - it was difficult to make the lower servos in the tail support the weight of the servo nearest the tip. I ended up using elastic cord to take some of the load off the tail in the same way a giraffe's neck is pre-sprung

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