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Thread: Rolling Robots at Mech Warfare

  1. Rolling Robots at Mech Warfare

    We are bringing a team of 12 students to ROBOGAMES 2012. these students range from age 9 to 15 the highlight of the team for everyone is the Mech we are building. We will also enter several SumoBots and Line followers, but can you guess which event the kids are most interested in? ... you got it they all want to pilot the mech and shoot BBs. A great motivation to get them learning programing and electronics.

    here is the team page:

    here is the first picture of the "Mech"

    We will post some photos as this project progresses

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    Re: Rolling Robots at Mech Warfare

    Good to see other high school/elementary school students involved. I just started last year when I was 15. I can't make it this year, but I look forward to seeing you next year.

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