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Thread: EZ-Robot?

  1. EZ-Robot?

    Hi guys. In another post I stated that I don't have a lot of programming experience and was looking to build a robot with some features like voice recognition etc. Budget isn't a huuuuge concern although I wanted to keep it somewhere around $500ish. I found a company called EZ-Robot online and it seems like they have a great piece of software that works with a pretty powerful little board. My challenge is that I haven't been able to find any information on it on this forum or others so I wanted to start a thread and see if everyone can give me their insight. I mean a kit that comes with software, controller, 5 servo's sensor and camera $235 doesn't seem too bad of a price. What do you think?


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    Re: EZ-Robot?

    Wasn't there a longer thread here? Or was it here? I'm somehow subscribed to this one but my post appears to be nuked.
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    Re: EZ-Robot?

    There were definitely more posts when I last saw this thread too...

    Based on those other replies, roborobot, why not just buy it and find out for yourself?

    I have to say though, doing robotics without wanting to learn programming is like wanting to race a car without learning how to drive. Bear in mind that there'll probably come a time when you'll want to do something their software suite won't allow you to do.
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    Re: EZ-Robot?

    There was a bit of a misunderstanding so I gave the thread a mulligan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Th232 View Post
    I have to say though, doing robotics without wanting to learn programming is like wanting to race a car without learning how to drive.
    Too funny! Im hoping it will be more like wanting to race a car without knowing how to build the engine from scratch though! Im sure there will be a time when I will want to do something with it that the software won't be able to do, however from the looks of it there is a way you can use C or visual basic to program within the software. I'm hoping that if that time come's I will be able to utilize that in order to continue growing.

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