Hi all,
I'm rather new to electronics but have been really interested in learning it and now want to get down to actually doing some home electronics. I have a project I want to do: create a constant temperature water bath.
My set up: use a thermometer hooked up to a PID controller to control the input to a heating element. There are PID controllers set up to work with thermometers and I'm using one sold by lightobjects (http://www.lightobject.info/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=3)

What I don't understand is some of the connections and details. This is my first electronics project and I was hoping to get some help from people more experienced that are good teachers. I understand a lot of the background science but now I want to learn the practical aspects. I've made a diagram of the components but what I'm missing are details of how to connect some of the boxe and probably some practical things like type of wire etc. I do have a soldering set up that I was going to use, I just want my project to come out so that I can understand some practical applications. If anyone can help a newbie get started I would be grateful!
Here is my diagram, feel free to edit/comment