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Thread: Connectors and wire.

  1. Connectors and wire.

    Hey everyone,
    I just bought some ax-12 servos on ebay and they didn't come with connector wire. Anyone know the name/ id number of the connectors or where to get premade cables. I just want to know that I am ordering something that will fit before I press purchase.

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    Re: Connectors and wire.

    Pre-made cables available right here at Trossen's store:

  3. Re: Connectors and wire.

    Thanks, I had foolishly looked under "cables and wiring". I assume the bioloid 3 pin wires are the ones I want?

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    Re: Connectors and wire.

    Yup, that's what you'll want. (Also for reference: These are the connectors on Mouser)

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    Re: Connectors and wire.

    If you ever decide not to buy pre-assembled cables, then be warned that you also have to buy the wire, crimp pins, and a crimper to actually make a cable (although having exact/custom length cables can be nice). Finding high strand count, small diameter (thus flexible) wire can be a bit difficult and expensive. There have been others to use cheapo/generic VGA pin crimpers from radioshack to successfully crimp the pins for the molex connectors, but I went with a cheap-ish crimper specific to molex crimp pins. There is a bit more in this thread, but it is only relevant if you are making your own cables (and yes, I was able to crimp 20AWG wire with those pins and crimper).
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  6. Re: Connectors and wire.

    Hello, I bought the 25 pack 3 pin cables from trossen and needed them couple feet longer. So I snipped one in half, and spliced the stranded wires together with a longer solid core wires i bought at home depot, and used electrical tape to hide the bare wires. It seems to work fine. However, I've been having some strange issues with the ax-18 servo (positioning seems to be malfunctioning now and then). Could it have something to do with my custom cable? Is it generally bad to mix stranded wire with solid core wire?

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    Re: Connectors and wire.

    If you soldered the splices, it shouldn't be an issue, but solid wire tends to be a lot more brittle than stranded and could break much easier. Also heat shrink on the splices would be better.

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    Re: Connectors and wire.

    The TTL signalling is not differential, so there is an upper limit to how fast you can run it. The longer your wire, the slower you must run the baud rate. The nice thing with RS-485 is that, properly terminated, it can run for kilometers at 9600 baud, and for many dozens of meters at megabits per second.

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