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Thread: Simple Robotic Arm my first

  1. Simple Robotic Arm my first

    Hey guys, This is my latest project.
    A simple robotic arm controlled with an Arduino Uno and powered with a USB to computer.
    I used the code from the examples and changed it to control 5 servos giving me a robotic arm!
    So far i can get it to pick and place object like some batteries or pencils.
    I can make it draw stuff to!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I mainly created it to help me lift and hold in place components like resistors or even to hold up a protoboard for me to solder with!.

  2. Re: Simple Robotic Arm my first

    Nice work!

    Whats the reason behind the switches though? did you face a maximum of inputs on the arduino or something?

    Overall though, thats a pretty sweet first robot arm, keep it up!

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