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Thread: Thinking about trying out a different Hex robot...

  1. Re: Thinking about trying out a different Hex robot...

    Hi everyone!

    Sorry to jump in on this thread rather late and start asking questions that have probably been answered time and time over! but I have just been given a Phantom hexapod at work and asked to get it moving! (Apparently they didn't realise I build and sell kits myself... Oh the irony!) any how, I have the default Artbotix phantom code running with the Artbotix commander 2, which is ok, but thought I would chuck the pheonix version on as it is, well, better

    So I have modified the hex_cfg.h as follows:

    //#define USEXBEE
    #define USECOMMANDER
    //#define OPT_WALK_UPSIDE_DOWN
    and I have updated the Arbotix_Controller.cpp with the Serial.begin(38400) fix

    Do I need to modify the kit mechanically to get it to work with the phoenix code? Currently when I power up the hex, then the commander all the legs point at the sky, and that's about it. The buttons on the commander don't seem to do much, is there a function list somewhere?


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    Re: Thinking about trying out a different Hex robot...

    Hi Matt,

    Which version of the PhantomX do you have? My guess is the V2?

    The current Phoenix code base is up on my github account:

    Assuming you get all of the Phoenix libraries in the right places, you should be able to open up Arduino IDE. Go to the File/Examples/Phoenix menues and choose the PhantomX_V2_Commander_AX12_Stock example and it should in theory be able to work without any other updates. I was at one point going to change some things in the hardware but resisted as to make it easier. Things like not use servo #1 as to make it easier to detect and recover if a servo resets.

    Yes - may still require the Serial.begin fix, although I thought they fixed the Arbotix code.

    The other issue that may come in, is that I also update the code in the Arbotix commander. Did some smoothing (average of the last 8 samples) of the Analog inputs. Also I increased the range of the values. Default I think is like +-100, In mine I increased it to something like +-127 (did not output a 255) as the Arbotix code uses this to detect the serial being bad...
    That code is up on:

    Good Luck, and let me know if you run into anything else.


  3. Re: Thinking about trying out a different Hex robot...

    Hi Kurt,

    Ok this looks more like it! I had obviously followed an old link on the Trossen site, I have downloaded from your link now and things look promising. Will try later.



  4. Re: Thinking about trying out a different Hex robot...

    Ok, first stumbling block, probably due to my lack of knowledge of the arduino IDE!

    So I have placed all the folders apart from the "Phoenix" folder into my library folder, and I have placed the "Phoenix" folder in my sketchbook folder and indeed I can load the sketch as suggested. However when I compile straight away I get:

    PhantomX_V2_Commander_AX12_Stock.cpp:38:21: fatal error: Phoenix.h: No such file or directory
    compilation terminated.
    Did I miss something in installation? I can see the Phoenix.h file in the Phoenix directory? But of course the sketch is loaded from the "PhantomX_V2_Commander_AX12_Stock" directory... what am I missing here?

    I'm compiling on ubuntu, I can try windows if that is the issue?


  5. Re: Thinking about trying out a different Hex robot...

    Ok, problem solved.

    I also needed the "Phoenix" directory in the "Libraries" directory. For some reason I thought this would be a sketch and not a library..

  6. Re: Thinking about trying out a different Hex robot...

    Ok, I'm up and running. So I did still need to change the line "command.begin" to "Serial.begin", I've only just installed the ArbotiX libraries, maybe I got an old copy?

    Slowly figuring out the commander buttons, although if there documentation somewhere as to what all the buttons do that would be a help.


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    Re: Thinking about trying out a different Hex robot...

    Yes you are right that it would be good if the documentation was more up to date... I thought at one point putting it into the file, but it would have to be different for each Input device. Currently about the only documentation for this is in the comments at the beginning of the Commander Input code. Which I will show here...
    // Quick and Dirty description of controls... WIP
    // In most cases I try to mention what button on the PS2 things coorespond to..
    // On/OFF - Turning the commander 2 on and off (PS2 start button)
    // R1 - options (Change walk gait, Change Leg in Single Leg, Change GP sequence) (Select on PS2)
    // R2 - Toggle walk method...  Run Sequence in GP mode
    // R3 - Walk method (Not done yet) - (PS2 R3)
    // L4 - Ballance mode on and off
    // L5 - Stand/Sit (Triangle on PS2)
    // L6+Right Joy UP/DOWN - Body up/down - (PS2 Dpad Up/Down)
    // L6+Right Joy Left/Right - Speed higher/lower - (PS2 DPad left/right)
    // Right Top(S7) - Cycle through options of Normal walk/Double Height/Double Travel) - (PS2 R1, R2)
    // Left Top(S8) - Cycle through modes (Walk, Translate, Rotate, Single Leg) (PS2: Circle, X, L1, L2)
    // Note: Left some descriptions of PS2 stuff, especially parts still left to Map/Implement.
    //[Walk Controls]
    //- selectSwitch gaits
    //- Left Stick(Walk mode 1) Walk/Strafe
    // (Walk mode 2) Disable
    //- Right Stick(Walk mode 1) Rotate, 
    //(Walk mode 2) Walk/Rotate
    //- R1Toggle Double gait travel speed
    //- R2Toggle Double gait travel length
    //[Shift Controls]
    //- Left StickShift body X/Z
    //- Right StickShift body Y and rotate body Y
    //[Rotate Controls]
    //- Left StickRotate body X/Z
    //- Right StickRotate body Y
    //[Single leg Controls] - Need to check...
    //- selectSwitch legs
    //- Left StickMove Leg X/Z (relative)
    //- Right StickMove Leg Y (absolute)
    //- R2Hold/release leg position
    //[GP Player Controls] - How to do sequences???
    //- selectSwitch Sequences
    //- R2Start Sequence
    Again sorry that this is probably not complete or 100% correct, but hopefully it will help.


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    Re: Thinking about trying out a different Hex robot...

    Also sorry about making it hard to figure out the directory structure. It would obviously be easier that for each project (robot), I would have one directory that had the top level IDE file and then all of the standard code files that is needed for that specific robot, which would mainly include the main Phoenix code base file, the Input code class and the servo output code class.

    The problem was(is), that when I made changes I wanted to make sure that the code base kept consistent and I got tired of trying to remember to copy the changes to 5-10 different locations. So decided to make them libraries. But problem with libraries (on Arduino) that with normal code files (.cpp), it is precompiled once, so you can not have different projects use them and configure them specific for that project. I saw a couple of examples of doing it with header files, so I went that way... Maybe there is an easier way on github to create a project structure, that you only have to download those files you are interested in.

    But these days, not sure how much more I am going to do on the main Arduino code base and I am thinking about maybe reducing the number of robots, that I personally test on and potentially will sell off a few of the hitec servo based hex robots... They have served me well, but I don't see very much active development these days on them.


  9. Re: Thinking about trying out a different Hex robot...

    Hi Kurt,

    Thanks for the information.

    Being completely new to arduino I'm not sure what the difference is yet with libraries, sketches etc. but it didn't take too long to figure out. I should probably do some homework fist on the arduino IDE

    thanks again


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    Re: Thinking about trying out a different Hex robot...

    For the Heck of it, I decided to updated my Phantom_Phoenix project to be a snapshot of my current stuff in the Phoenix_In_Parts project. Where I simply collected all of the files into one directory that is specific for a V2 PhantomX hexapod. I renamed the files that came for the seperate directories such that they would not conflict with the other project. Things like Phoenix.h was renamed to _Phoenix.h... Currently the code only support the Arbotix Commander for input...

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