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Thread: Looking for partner for Personal Robot company.

  1. Looking for partner for Personal Robot company.

    We are a company developing a robot for domestic use. Unfortunately the information about the project is a bit confidential until the release. For anyone who is interested in taking part in this project please PM me back. Please only PM if you have a great amount of experience as it will deal with voice recognition for the most part along with other robotics.

    A bit of info:
    -The company is based in Texas, United States
    -We are a new company
    -We are hoping to introduce an innovative robot to domestics worldwide in hopes of being the first company to have a robot of this kind.
    -We are only looking for one or two key programmers as of now.

    PM for more info.

  2. Re: Looking for partner for Personal Robot company.

    I can't seem to pm you .. Could you drop me an email at kmcclain at I'd like to open a line of dialog with you.


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