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Thread: Help with servo read position

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    Help with servo read position

    Could someone help me read the position of a servo in the arduino environment using the ax12 and bioloid libraries. There is a convienent SetPosition function but i cant seem to use the GetRegister to read the position. I would appreciate any help in reading the servo position as a number between 0 and 1024.

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    Re: Help with servo read position

    So, the definition of ax12GetRegister is:

    ax12GetRegister(int id, int regstart, int length);
    So, you want to read AX_PRESENT_POSITION_L & AX_PRESENT_POSITION_H (position is a 2-byte register), thus:
    ax12GetRegister(1, AX_PRESENT_POSITION_L, 2);
    would read the position of servo with ID1.

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