I've formed a team over at SoR to do the DARPA robotics challenge, and need a few more team members.

I'm looking for people willing to work at least 30% of the time on location in Washington, DC. The rest you can do at home. Part time is also cool, but you must be dedicated and highly self motivated. The job will be paid, assuming our proposal is accepted.

If you have any (or all) of these skills, email me with a demonstration of those skills:

- has designed and built a reliable high power motor driver
- can design quality PCB's with your eyes closed (figuratively speaking)
- skilled with Gazebo robot simulation software
- has built a human-sized biped or quadruped (not a tiny servo powered thing)
- experience with high-power portable wireless transmitters
- strong machinist and CAD skills

more information can be found here:

Don't forget to mention how much time you can commit and willingness to work on location.

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