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Thread: New german robotics podcast called 'Roboiklabor'

  1. Exclamation New german robotics podcast called 'Roboiklabor'

    Hi guys,

    I like to introduce my new podcast called Robotiklabor. Unfortunately is is in German only, but maybe there are some German-speaking guys around here.

    The Robotiklabor is an audio podcast around all topics about robotics.

    The podcast is released regularly and informs about robotics and everything which is related to this in the widest sense of the word.

    In the widest sense means, that we do not talk about robots only. We are also talking about everything about the technology about robotics.

    So we do not talk only about specific robots. Furthermore we like to give you impressions and information what is behind these technologies or robots. For example:

    • How can I build a robot?
    • What kind of electronic parts do exist?
    • How do these work?
    • What kind of software could be helpful?
    • What kind of tools?
    • ...

    We also talk about recent news from the wide field of robotics and report about the latest interesting and exiting stuff we found. Last but not least we will report about own projects like my robotics project described here. All information you get during the podcast will be posted as show-notes on Also your comments and feedback could be provided on this site.

    If you like to get the latest news subscribe to our RSS feed or follow our twitter account @robotiklabor or our facebook page.

    Have fun and enjoy all upcoming podcast episodes!

    Best wishes,

    Markus Knapp from the Robotiklabor.

    PS.: Please keep in mind that everyone starts somehow as a beginner. So you may skip our first episode RL001...
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