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Thread: A Humaniod Robot drawing for ideas ......

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    Lightbulb A Humaniod Robot drawing for ideas ......

    Here's a pdf of hand drawn humaniod robotic design. Maybe this will give somebody some dreams/ possibly built it / help me build it

    {Mwahahahahahahaha{{ Mad Mad scientist sweldon strickes again }} }

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    Re: A Humaniod Robot drawing for ideas ......

    Hello sir, those are some fun drawings! I'm in biology/medical myself and enjoy thinking about the possibilities for robots with human-like skeletons.

    However...from what I know building something like this is probably beyond hobbyists (for now...) You didn't include how to actually move the joints, but I'm assuming you would use some kind of artificial muscle/linear actuator solution. The professionals are doing some impressive stuff with this, like the hydraulics in Boston Dynamic's PETMAN or the "air muscle" hands from Shadow Robotics. But the expertise and money required to get into such things are both pretty steep.

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    Re: A Humaniod Robot drawing for ideas ......

    I only thought that maybe the joints could have multi linear actuators on either of the joints

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    Re: A Humaniod Robot drawing for ideas ......

    Thanks for posting, I get physical mechanical and design inspirations from robotics drawings all the time. I have some books and visit deviantart now and again. Unfortunately not always the design can be realized but its nice to explore new possibilities that way.

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