Hey guys,

I have a bunch of victor 883's (about 10 or so) im trying to sell them for a better laptop and for collage, im asking for about $90 each/Or Best offer.

I believe this is a good deal because new they cost $150+ and they are very rugged and work perfect. here is some info on them.
  • 60A Continuous
  • Only weighs 4 oz.
  • Ideal for High Current Drive Motors
  • Safely handles high continuous current draws and extreme current surges.
  • Integral cooling fan ensures cool FET junction temperatures.
  • The low voltage drop ensures the motor receives maximum power.
  • up to 200A surges for 1 second and 100A surges for 2 seconds.
  • Reverse and Forwards at variable speeds (PWM controlled).
Please message me what you think, or email matter0464@att.net