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Thread: Autodesk Inventor files for PhantomX Hexapod

  1. Autodesk Inventor files for PhantomX Hexapod

    I am thinking of getting a PhantomX AX-18F Hexapod Comprehensive Kit and using it as a base to build my crawler from. Is there a file available to download that is an assembled unit for use in Autodesk Inventor Professional 2012?

    I've downloaded the individual bioloid parts in a ipt files and have started working on it that way, but I cannot find files for some of the unique parts for the Hexapod, mainly the Hexapod Body.

    I was wanting to 'build' the robot in Inventor so I could finalize the design that is in my head before I start buying the parts. As I am still very new to building robots.

    Thank you.

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    Smile Re: Autodesk Inventor files for PhantomX Hexapod

    i have all the robot parts drawn in autodesk inventor
    but what will you do with it?

  3. Re: Autodesk Inventor files for PhantomX Hexapod

    I am new to building robots and Autodesk for that matter.

    I was going to try to make a model of the robot idea that I have in my head. The PhantomX AX-18F Hexapod Comprehensive Kit is the base of the design and I am planning to add more stuff to it. I have found most of what I needed except for the Hexapod's more unique parts.

    I was thinking that I could built it in a virtual world before spending the money on the parts to find out that I couldn't do it, or have bought extra parts that I couldn't use because I needed to make adjustments here and there.

    At least that was my idea. If I am going about this the wrong way (this being building a virtual model of my idea), could you offer suggestions as how I should proceed.


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    Re: Autodesk Inventor files for PhantomX Hexapod

    sorry for late
    i think it is a good idea to make your robot first in virtual reality
    i suggest you use (matlab virtual reality toolbox, or simmechanics toolbox, or v_rep)
    iam trying to do this but i did not decide which program to use
    you can look for them on internet and tell me which one you will use i will also tell you which one i will use
    can you send me your e_mail or skybe to speak with you
    and to send the files to you

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