There is now an official ArbotiX/PyPose 0015 release posted: The Getting Setup page has updated installation instructions.

This release includes Arduino 1.0 compatibility, basic 12-bit support in NUKE, and a simpler installation process. A major bug fix has been applied in BioloidController which should greatly reduce the number of dropped packets seen.

Please post any issues you have so that we can patch and release.

The full feature list includes:
  • Arduino/Core:
    • All code compatible with Arduino 1.0.1
    • Upgraded boards.txt to use variants -- this makes using the RX shield easier, etc.
    • Analog pins are no longer reversed when using as digital pins, A0 is now D24, A1 is D25 ... A7 is D31.

  • PyPose:
    • Initial support for 12-bit servos.
    • Added Live Update mode which updates servos as sliders are dragged (enabled from config menu).
    • Added enable check boxes to relax individual joints.
    • .ppr is automatically added to the name of a pose file, if not included by user.

  • Library Changes/Improvements:
    • BioloidController:
      • Enabled pull up on serial rx pin, greatly reduces dropped packets on Bioloid bus.
      • New GetPosition(id) macro defined in ax12.h (Issue #23)
      • Error levels are now defined in ax12.h
      • Added ax12GetLastError() to ax12.h to allow users to determine error level.
      • Variants are defined such that we no longer need to edit ax12.h to specify board type.

    • Motors2:
      • Merged in BigMotors library, usage is defined by board variant selected.

  • Distribution Change:
    • RoboControllerLib is now part of ArbotiX release.

Known Issues:

  • The screen may not resize correctly at times, it is recommended that you switch to a different tool and then back to the desired tool if the screen does not show some controls.
  • On some systems, ports may not be recognized, on Windows this especially means COMx where x > 20. It is recommended to use the serial command inside the Servo Terminal.
  • NUKE data saved with previous versions of PyPose may become garbled, in particular, check your servo ID mapping.
  • Sketches which used A0, A1, etc as digital lines may need to be updated.