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Thread: Another three-servo walker

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    Re: Another three-servo walker


    I've heard of using ferric chloride to get rid of broken taps in titanium (eats at Ti much slower than steel), perhaps something similar could be done here? Unsure on specifics for aluminium though.

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    Re: Another three-servo walker

    Right now, I'm running with three screws and nothing in that fourth hole. I'll try not to re-do that mistake if I ever make "finish" parts :-)

    I also added a webcam now (a Microsoft LifeCam HD.) It provides the images over the same WiFi as the remote control, and it works great!
    Unfortunately I have to use tiny images (432x240) to fit each MJPEG image in a UDP datagram (< 64kB) but it still works alright. I may just add multiple-datagram support to my protocol and rely on IP fragmentation; it ought to be OK.

    It's also surprisingly cool to be able to "ssh" into a command line on a robot that's walking around the kitchen on remote control and sending images back alread. Gives you that "robot overlord" feeling :-)

    Next up: pan/tilt support, and a real mount for all the gear. After that, gun. In parallel, improve the gait to use a non-interference solver to move the legs at all times. After that: hope Trossen starts selling the targeting system again, and start practicing! (Actually, this is for my son. So, get him to start practicing!)

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    Re: Another three-servo walker

    I won't lie, if I had a robot that I could SSH into (alas I'm an 8bit nub), I'd run radiation transport calculations on the bot while also having it walk around.

    I'll comment more about the bot when I see actual pictures

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