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Thread: Idea I have for target practice

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    Idea I have for target practice

    Im adding this to my to do list. In between tweaking Travidius' walking gait and 2 other projects, I came up with this idea.
    Im going to build an autonomous Biped walker to shoot at ! An actual moving robot target. I have not named him yet but I built this guy the other night in about 2 hours Im going to code him with pypose on my arbotix board. this is a side project so It will not have my full attention. But I like the concept, poor little guy does he know whats in store for him ?

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    Re: Idea I have for target practice

    it would be a cheaper and faster solution to use an RC car outrigged with an arduino board or something set for autonomous wouldnt it? but over all i do apluade your idea .. . . also you should out rig it with weaponry so that youd actualy beable to improve your own technique

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