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Thread: 3D printing Who in the community owns or uses one ?

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    3D printing Who in the community owns or uses one ?

    When I first saw a 3d printer I was like that is a dream come true, something right out of star trek. Just wondering who here owns one , what model are they running etc. I like the look of the makerbot replicator 2 , but it has a 9 week delivery delay and is on the pricey side. I see chinese versions on ebay for 1/2 the price. Where is the sweet spot ? Kit ? self made ? used ? What other printers out there are on the same level of replicator 2?

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    Re: 3D printing Who in the community owns or uses one ?

    I've been researching these, but I'm not sure I can convince the family budget that one is strictly necessary just yet :-) I think the sweet spot is either a kit-based RepRap, or a Replicator2. Unless you can go up in price to the selective laser sintering and similar systems that can do metals.

    One interesting option, cheaper than the Replicator 2, might be the "Type A Machine" -- it has much shorter lead time, because it's made in San Francisco which didn't get flooded by the recent hurricane :-) It also has a larger print area, but only one print head. I've seen some prints from the one they have at Tech Shop San Francisco, and it works, although the prints I saw seemed to have been flamed/polished, so I couldn't tell how accurate the striations/layering is. It still has that ugly, burnt-edges plywood/mdf look that you get from laser cutting, though, just like the Replicator :-/

    I know Gertlex uses a 3D printer of some sort, as can be seen in his Twitch thread -- the yellow servo blocks are printed. I think his is a Cupcake (older version from Makerbots.)

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    Re: 3D printing Who in the community owns or uses one ?

    I built a RepRap after trying a home built contraption with threaded rods instead of belts but it was very slow I was able to build the parts for a Prusa The speed alone is 15X faster. But the biggest change is how i build parts instead of make do with parts i can get my hands on i custom build
    Attachment 4331

    I like the Prusa for the cost and ease of build if you print in PLA you don't need a hot bed only blue tape the arm in the picture above
    I was trying different print settings and materials (ABS PLA and dying the PLA) rather than try to do a perfect print. While getting the arm to work I learned more about printing and what I need and I adjusted the printer to suit my needs.

    Some of the things I need to change are larger pulley's and wider belts( mine keep breaking because of the small dia pulley's and the wire in the belts)

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    Re: 3D printing Who in the community owns or uses one ?

    Thanks for the reply, I like the look of the Prusa Mendel Ieration 2, I am considering this kit here . I also Like the look and price point of the printerbot LC , I think from the reviews and videos I have researched and what looks like overwhelming community support I am going to start off with one of those units, not sure which one yet. Later on down the road I can always upgrade to somethign like the replicator 2, if need be.
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    Re: 3D printing Who in the community owns or uses one ?

    I've been considering getting one, probably a Replicator. I first became interested in them a couple years ago when Jon Hylands started posting some stuff about parts he made for a mini-sumo. I'm actually still using some of his custom Bioloid interface boards. I'm not sure if he is still active in the community here.

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    Re: 3D printing Who in the community owns or uses one ?

    Howdy All!

    I purchased a Reprap: mendel v2 kit off ebay; primarly with the hope of building parts for mech warfare bot.

    Ron: I bought a kit from the same folks, let me know if you already put in an order? I ordered it on thanksgiving week, and am just this last weekend (Jan 27) finishing up the physical build. There were months of trying to get printed parts sent to me that were the 'correct' item and printed 'correctly'. If you're not in a hurry and willing to work with them though it's a decent option, lots of tinkering, reading, trimming pieces, drilling holes out needed to complete.

    So my X,Y,Z axis are moving at this point, I still need to work out a issue with the gearing on the extruder, it works but it does bind up in some places. After that i think calibration and I should be ready to print. I primarily got this to print prototype robot parts, but maybe I can make some final parts too? Another option I want to explore is using these plastic pieces for molds to cast in aluminum.

    There is an interesting article in the last "BotMag" about printing out parts for a DarwinOP, the author seemed to think it was feasible but you did lose some strength. http:// this forum talks a bit about it as well. Also this link is to thingiverse biped

    Hope everyone can join in the fun and share our thoughts and ideas, maybe we can really change the style of robots through these printers!


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    Re: 3D printing Who in the community owns or uses one ?

    Please pardon the pedantry... and the profanity... and the convoluted speech pattern...
    "You have failed me, Brain!"
    more bleh

  8. Re: 3D printing Who in the community owns or uses one ?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    My Printrbot LC which I bought for about $700usd w/shipping.
    Been 2 months and I have printed a lot, from mechwarfare robot frames to vases for my mum.
    I was surprised how long 1 lb/20$ of abs lasted me, about a month of printing random shit, and I had a lot of bad prints too.(result of the printing learning curve)

    In my opinion the best investment I have ever made.

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    Re: 3D printing Who in the community owns or uses one ?

    I've been following 3D printing for about 6 years now.. The most daunting thing for me is I have 0 experience in 3D modeling.. Those who have recently purchased a 3D printer do you have background in 3D modeling? Honestly that is the only thing holding me back from buying one. I could easily and quickly round the money up to buy one, I just don't want to buy a 1,500 paperweight that I'll never use.

    Also to contribute a little, the Form 1 printer is pretty amazing ( It's a bit pricey though. I also like the printers from Mendel-Parts (

    At this point there are enough choices where you can shop around and look for exactly what you need. Whether it's extra build height, faster print speeds, or layer thickness. You just need to do your research.

    P.S. I revived this thread because I believe it really has a lot to do with the individuals DIY movement and robotics in general.
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    Re: 3D printing Who in the community owns or uses one ?

    I got a Printrbot Simple kit earlier this year. Its build area is kind of small (4x4x4 inches or less) but it builds all the brackets/frames I need pretty much :-)

    And, to answer the question: Yes, I have 3D modeling experience since POV-Ray in the 1980s, up until 3ds Max and 3D software development in a number of previous jobs. I did have to learn Autodesk Inventor when I started learning CNC milling two years ago, though, and that really helped with picking up 3D printing!

    If you know 2D CAD/drawing, then picking up Inventor or Solidworks is not that hard, because you build your 3D parts by drawing outlines in 2D (CAD style) and then "thickening" or "cutting" them. You also have all the nice constraints from a 2D CAD package, where you enter all the numbers that matter to you (hole distance, etc) and it moves the pieces around until they match.

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