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Thread: PhantomX Drawings?

  1. PhantomX Drawings?

    Has anybody been able to find the drawings for, say, the top and bottom plates?

    Of course, a complete Solidworks assembly would be ideal, but at this point I would be happy with knowing the hole locations on the top/bottom plates.


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    Re: PhantomX Drawings?

    i have these drawings
    but why?

  3. Re: PhantomX Drawings?

    Hi we are trying to build up a mount from the top/bottom plates (similar idea to the ReactorArm, but it's not a manipulator), and it would be easiest to have the hole locations to draw up a design in Solidworks.

    A full PhantomX SolidWorks assembly would be ideal because, with it, we could create a standardized robot definition file (ie, URDF / SDF) which could be used with ROS, Gazebo, etc. It would be a nice addition that I think would benefit a lot of interested PhantomX owners (and even non-owners who can work with simulations in gazebo).
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