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  1. Meet Plooby

    Here is some video of the robot we built based on our teacher's book.

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    So, what does it do? Is its purpose to grip stuff? If yes, I would be interested to know what the software controller is like, what sensor information it relies on, what's its architecture, etc.

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    So the basics of this robot is to be able to compete at a competition level. In doing so it does pick up objects and it can pick up more then just round objects.The software controller we used was a mac computer where we used the program called ardinio.
    Did you watch the video i have posted?

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    Hi, yes I did watch the video. Could you please let me know more about the controller (I assume it can pick up objects autonomously, that you are not just controlling it with a joystick)? Does it use some sort of image processing method to navigate to the objects?

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    for right now the robot is just a practice platform. but seeing as we are trying to possibly control it with a neroheadset picking up objects autonomously is not a bad idea.

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    Hi. Yes I also used a key-board method to move the robot driving wise. The way we controlled the arm was with the program I mentioned and we also used a mouse to further maintain results

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    Interesting, thanks for the info.

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    Nice project!
    Although im not 100% sure how happy Trossen is with your 'PhantomX copy' (dont worry, shouldn't be a issue) well done!!

    Would love to see more videos, and could you possibly spill the beans on what book you got from your teacher? Preferably name and ISBN number. I never got enough reading material

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