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Thread: Is this reasonable?? (InMoov AX-12 Variant)

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    Question Is this reasonable?? (InMoov AX-12 Variant)

    Hey guys,

    I've been following the InMoov project for quite some time now and figured I should finally make an account on these forums to ask a few questions. If you haven't checked out the project, its pretty impressive.

    The current state of the project can be seen here:

    I was wondering how practical it is to attempt to swap the standard hobby servos he uses for some Dynamixels. I played around for a while trying to import the .stl files he has posted on thingiverse into Inventor and then repairing the meshes so that the parts can be modified. I found it easier to just model the parts myself...

    Now I have an AX-12 InMoov "variant" designed in Inventor and was wondering if it is worth my time to print the parts. I also have been using ROS for a few months now and I am currently working on getting the InMoov into RVIZ.

    He uses a combination of 3D printed threaded rods and gearboxes. Do you guys think that the Dynamixels would work out well in this configuration? He uses VERY cheap hobby servos which seem to move the arms surprisingly fast, even while they are fully extended..

    I really hope that this is possible because as a poor college student (thanks, Drexel!) I can't really afford to spend another $2000 to upgrade to the MX line of Dynamixels. I already have everything I need to pull this off if its possible with AX-12s.

    Mike Fink

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    Re: Is this reasonable?? (InMoov AX-12 Variant)

    Inmoov has a fourm!forum/inmoov
    I have built the arm and have it running in ROS. the other option is replacing the servo board with a openservo control board
    My efforts can be seen here

    regards Peter

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