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Thread: Robogames 2013 scheduling

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    Robogames 2013 scheduling


    The event listing for MechWarfare says 3-7 Fri-Sun, and i was wondering if anybody knows what the Sunday schedule is gonna look like. I might want to leave a bit early, so if the only thing going on later Sunday is hanging out it'd be nice to know.


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    Re: Robogames 2013 scheduling

    There is no set schedule until we know many qualifying mechs are competing.

    Even when we have the bracket started we still do not have an exact timed schedule. Match length can vary greatly. Last year we ran matches back to back as fast as possible with no set schedule both Saturday Sunday. We ended around 4pm on Sunday if I recall correctly.

    If at all possible anyone who is able should stick around after the event to help tear down the arena. It is a huge job!
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    Re: Robogames 2013 scheduling

    3-7 is just an arbitrary time listed and unchanged from year 1. We usually start matches around 11-12 sat/sun. Make sure you're there early on Friday for qualifications.

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    Re: Robogames 2013 scheduling

    Sounds good, i'll probably stick around then. Thanks for the fast response!

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