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Thread: ArbotiX with LabVIEW: Low-level ArbotiX Commands?

  1. Question ArbotiX with LabVIEW: Low-level ArbotiX Commands?


    I need to use LabVIEW to interact with an ArbotiX Robocontroller. I've surfed for hours trying to find the basic low-level commands for the ArbotiX, but I always get sent to Python scripts or some other library. I have no desire to try to interface LabVIEW to Python scripts. I did wade through some of the Python scripts and controlling the ArbotiX appears to be as simple as sending commands down a COM port (which LabVIEW does very well).

    Are the *basic* ArbotiX commands and syntaxes documented somewhere? I'm controlling a PhantomX Reactor (AX-12A servos).


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    Re: ArbotiX with LabVIEW: Low-level ArbotiX Commands?

    The ATmega644p used in the arbotix has two UART interfaces. One UART is used for the dynamixel bus and the other for communicating with the pc and/or wireless controller. If you check the arbotix code repo (should be linked on the trossen shop pages), you should find the example sketches and the commands they accept. If they do not suit your needs, you can program the arbotix to do just about anything you want and using any message format you want as long as it is sent over the Xbee/FTDI link at a reasonable baudrate. 38400/57600 bps is about the max you can reliably get with Xbee, but USB/FTDI can easily go to 1Mbps without any data loss.
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  3. Re: ArbotiX with LabVIEW: Low-level ArbotiX Commands?

    The code repo is obviously very complete - it's a matter of cobbling the pieces I need which isn't terribly difficult, but it is time-consuming. I'm in the process of pulling together a reasonable driver I can call from LabView. If it seems innovative or broadly applicable, I'll post it and the VIs I use to call it.

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