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Thread: Nagaina 2: 3d printed snake-bot

  1. Nagaina 2: 3d printed snake-bot

    My snake bot, Nagaina, recently slithered its last, as the batteries soldered to the robot's hull died. This robot was always a crowd favorite, and, with maker faire coming up, I decided to revisit the project and build a new a better robot using my replicator 2 3d printer. The design goal is to make a much more moddable and replacable design than last time seeing as the previous snake could not be modified once soldered together
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Its only half finished and hopefully I'll have a video up by this weekend.

    PS: the eyes arent placed in this picture, what you see are the led holes. An eye peice goes over each of the eyes once the leds are in place.

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    Re: Nagaina 2: 3d printed snake-bot

    Hey WGhost 9, This looks fantastic! Are you going to the MakerFaire in the Bay Area?? Your project encouraged me to maybe submit my jumping robot named "Gertie" to the MakerFair too =)

  3. Re: Nagaina 2: 3d printed snake-bot

    Absolutely! I hope to see you there!

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    Re: Nagaina 2: 3d printed snake-bot

    It looks great! Waiting for the video...

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    Wow, what a week. Thanks everyone who came by during the Maker Fair to see my robots. Here's a video update on Nagaina 2 showcasing the finished robot:

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