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Thread: Dynamixel Linux SDK

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    Re: Dynamixel Linux SDK

    It may just be that I am looking at old versions, but the windows version of "dxl_hal.c" has:
    gfRcvWaitTime = (float)(gfByteTransTime*(float)NumRcvByte + 2*LATENCY_TIME + 2.0f);
    where the linux version of "dxl_hal.c" has:
    gfRcvWaitTime = (float)(gfByteTransTime*(float)NumRcvByte + 5.0f);
    where LATENCY_TIME is 16ms, so a big friggin' difference.
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  2. Re: Dynamixel Linux SDK

    OK. I think I've figured out the problem. I've cut the return delay time down all the way, and I've bumped up the timeout formula from their original SDK. I'll keep testing it, but at this point, it appears to work for all of the test cases I've done (including read and writes).

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    Re: Dynamixel Linux SDK

    When you have time could you go into a bit more detail on what you changed? I'm always tweaking the linux SDK to make it work better for my robot.

  4. Re: Dynamixel Linux SDK

    Hi Kevin,

    So, unfortunately, I didn't do anything eloquent. If you recall from the original SDK, there is the following function (mine is slightly edited for C++):

    void DynamixelCommunicator::HAL_SetTimeout( int ByteNum ) {
        StartTXTime = Clock();
        ReceiveWaitTime = (float)(ByteTXTime * (float)ByteNum * 5.0f);
    That constant of 5.0f, I changed to 25.0f when connected directly to my laptop and to 150.0f when connected directly to my desktop but going through a VM. That being said, ByteNum is always set to six, unless you enter a READ_DATA instruction, at which point it is set to 6 + the size of the parameter you are reading. Once I get some more time, I'm going to change it so that it actually has a better idea of how many bytes it is expecting (the SDK did that by default).

    Also, I had to set the return delay time to on the dynamixel AX-12 to 0. What I'd like to do, eventually, is make a transformation function that computes the timeout based on the return delay time. If I make any progress anytime soon, i'll post the information here.

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