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  1. simulator robot

    Hi at all
    I want to know please what is the best simulator robot?
    Thank you

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    garott Guest

    Re: simulator robot


    I use v-rep its open source, and its very friendly


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    Quote Originally Posted by garott View Post

    I use v-rep its open source, and its very friendly

    WAHHHHH these things exist!? Totally gonna try this out....

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    Very interesting and greatful for me..
    Gulzar Group of Institutes

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    I would like to also recommend V-REP. I have used it for a few projects now (humanoid gait tuning via genetic algorithm, robot arm control via EMG and Kinect) and it is quite accessible. Being able to visually build models, connect with ROS and/or other external processes, and get the cross-platform simulator for free is a great benefit.

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