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Thread: Motor shield needed for RG90?

  1. Motor shield needed for RG90?

    Hi all,

    Please forgive the newbie question, but searching RG90 here did not give any hits.

    For driving, say, a small wheeled robot using a pair of RG90 continuous gearmotors using Arduino Uno, does it need a motor shield (such as the Grove)? The RG90 spec says it runs on 6V, so perhaps the 5V from Arduino is close enough?

    If a motor shield is optional here, what are its benefits?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Motor shield needed for RG90?

    It's not only voltage, but also current that matters. The motors likely draw more than the 25 milli-Amperes that the Arduino pins can provide.
    The reason to use a motor controller (such as those built into a motor shield) is that those controllers can switch on/off the higher currents needed by motor loads.
    You should find the data sheet for the RG90 motors, and see how much their "stall current" is. If the "stall current" per motor is less than the "maximum current" per channel on a motor shield, then you can use that motor shield with those motors.
    If the "stall current" is higher than the shield is rated for, you need to move up to dedicated motor controllers that can deal with the amount of current in question. You'll also need a battery/power supply solution that can provide enough Amperes.

  3. Re: Motor shield needed for RG90?

    OK! Helpful reply, thanks very much!

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